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what about dance music?!


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we all love to boogie don't we?! :)


yeah, i thought so! can anyone name me some good dance songs? it's been so long sing i listened to one! here are some that i looooove:


"romeo" - basement jaxx (also laura approved!! lol)

"come on down" - crystal waters (price is right remix!)


those two are the only ones i reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllly love! but i've got more. haha anyone got some new tracks for me to love! :)

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"you used to be my romeo ooooo, let it all go" thats like the best song, i love basement jaxx, red alert is another good song from them too and of course where's your head at. Chemical Brothers is good, I forgot the name of the song but its something with star??, Dj Shadow, Lasgo, Kreo, Kosheen, etc...

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*giggles* nice sunset_scientist (what's your real name' date=' forgive my memory!) i'll look into d/l all those awesome tracks you mentioned! *boogies some more*[/quote']



my real name is Hayley :D

what's yours?

i am in school now therefore cannot get up and boogie, but my foot is tapping..hehe


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