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i'm 5'4 and my boyfriend (hehe first time typing that 8) ) is 6'3. almost a foot taller than me.


guy isnt that tall, when i stood next to him i didnt feel like i was really short, compaired standing next to chris and jonny i felt sooooo small. :o :lol:

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oh yeah and btw guy doesnt look as tall because of he has such a small frame, well it's not small, but he's not as big as the other members. ah the fucker is the same size as me probably weighs the same as me too :o :shock: :lol: LMAO i read his weight somewhere's but of course it's weight and that does change, oh well i'm 130 and i read that he was somewheres near that too :shock:

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I'm only 5'2 or 5'3...geez... :?


hehe :oops: l'm 5'2 .....and Guy isn't that tall. In person he seems kinda little, because he isn't broad like JOnny and hes shorter than Jonny too. So...hehe could be a perfect height for him, l make it till about his neck :D :-D which...is not bad! So when l wear heels lm around 5'4-5'5 :) but l don't wear heels anyways...my style is EMo/Punk...lol so l have Vans*/Adidas sneakers or bowling shoes (theyre red with beige stripes and laces and l have a blue, black and green pair...with beige laces too :D ....anyways, hehe thas just what k wanted to share :oops: :P

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haha.....well it isnt so good being 5'4'' in 3rd grade lol ...yep i think i was around there....but now everyone has caught up w/ me..im hoping to be at least 5'9''...i like being as tall as a guy im dating u know.....dunno why...lol

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