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I Found The Song White Shadows


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guys it is a glory day...i found the song white shadows and it has a new sound for coldplay and the endin is just beautiful...but before i post it i have some doubts...so pls be honest...will i get in trouble if i post it?...cause u know coldplay are tryin very hard to keep it a secret?

do u want me to post it?...it is a live version also

wt should i do...i really would like to post it...but i dont want to get in trouble, maybe it is a stupid question but i just wanna be certain so pls be honest

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hey guys the link of the song to download will be send to u all today :)

i have no idea if it the KCRW version or not..u tell me, now i will get to work and send to anyone who left a message :)


IF ANYONE STILL WANTS IT SEND ME A PM AND I'LL SEND IT TO HIM/HER TOMMORW....the endin of the song is the best part for me

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