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Pai's Thread !!


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There is now a new stadium, which was made for the commonwealth games...

City now play their games their and it holds 48 000. It looks great. However Maine Road is now knocked down.

Hulme looks a completely different place.

Piccadilly gardens has been given a complete face lift.

The drunks in town have been banned from drinking there.

The Arndale centre is still being rebuilt 8 years after the Bomb.


Loads of new funky flats in the City Centre..

They are extending the trams.


There is loads more... ohh the merged the universities into mega one...


I will post you some pics, in a bit so they will be here next time you see your thread !! :D


And don't say your not popular here its no populous contest on here... as u know its all love and fun, well most of the time

Have a good day !! :D

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Daryl, what I meant when I said I'm unpopular is that people I don't think people here even know me much... And that I'm boring. :D Woah, Arndale is still under construction? The universities have been combined? What, Manchester University? Cool! My father went there... And the trams! Give the trams a hug for next time you see one, yeah? :D

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