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The war in Iraq seems to be main in people's minds... and inevitably in this forum. Understandably so.


While I welcome your views on the war/UN/politics/terrorism/etc I will NOT tolerate inflamatory posts.


Everyone is entitled to their viewpoints but I request fundamentalist views of any persuasion, political, racist or religeous to be posted elsewhere.


Any posts of this nature will be removed as will the posters if this is violated repeatedly.





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This is to everybody


I think what is trying to be said here is that we are free to talk about any subject we like; however, it only takes a little effort to sit back from your screen and think about whether what you are posting may offend somebody, somewhere. It's quite possible that out of the 1600 or so members to this board there maybe a small minority who actually have friends/family out in the Gulf and are therefore a touch more sensitive to the views of others.


This doesn't mean in the slightest that you should have any reservations about posting views on the war on Iraq, by my own admission this is an open messageboard and I welcome a wide range of views and facts to make conversation interesting, but I think we all know the difference between this and the cynical side of war speak.

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i was in rome (so most of you know) and we got caught....well not caught, but we passed through a demonstration the day after the war broke out. they were all carrying firesticks and with the Colloseum in the background it was boootiful!!

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Rome sounds nice. Washington D.C is no Rome but it was pretty incredible. In the march' date=' you looked behind you and couldn't see where the people ended. The coolest thing I think was all of a sudden you'd hear cheering coming from behind you, then you joined and it went through everyone. It was like the wave of cheer. Awesome. :)[/quote']


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