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guess who i spoke to the other day....AND ysterday!


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:lol: next...in the game.....we al have to have a megazord meeting soon' date=' have multiple phone calls haha[/quote']


like a Megazord Network :idea2:


If you find that smiley Reilly, Im gonna need it aswell :blank:

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I have now spoke/ met/ texted 5 coldplaying.com members..


hopefully one day we could meet Daryl :)


I was looking on the expidia before mate November looks likley

its atually 6 coldplaying.com members I have text/spoke or met, !!


Albile, Kirk, Burcu, Noni, Kasia and this one may not count as she used to be a friend I used to have called Kerry but we used to do :wink3: and it all eneded in tears !!

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