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Seeing this thread and saying Raine's words on Are you Sad, made me realize how much I miss them. I was obsessed with them 2 years old, pretty much listened to nothing but them, but there last album Healthy in the paranoid times, was pretty disappointing to me. I think I'll go back to listening to them again.

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Healthy In Paranoid Times was a good step off of Gravity, even if it didn't do as well commercially. I'd really like for them to be a little more edgy sounding instead of the mellowness.


Perhaps they will go the way of Radiohead and return to their roots after Raine, like Thom Yorke, released a solo album of his own style instead of incorporating a large portion of it into the band's music.



...Wow Briggins, 9,999 posts? Which one's gonna be the big 10k? :)

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