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I've just bought my Speed of Sound single!!!!!!!!!!!


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I used my old laptop that doesn't have a cd-burner or anything fancy like that and the copyright protection wasn't activated I guess. A lot more boring than you'd think.



No wait! That's not true. I called Chris Martin and had a heart-to-heart with him about these silly copyright protection things. He completely agreed and sent me the files. ...... Ha, if only.

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I feel bad. :embarrased:

Ah.. don't. We're buying the album (I am, at least) and all the singles as soon as it's available in the US. Of course one of the mods might remove the links later though.


Jette how do you use yousendit without the option of taking the link down? I don't even see it there! very cool :)

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Well I know you guys will buy the single' date=' but now it's going to be all over the internet. :worried2:[/quote']

Nah...doubt it. Those links will get taken down shortly. Unless wirez loads it up..thennn, they'll be all over the internet. :confused:

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