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Coldplay in Irvine...two nights?


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So if any of you in California have noticed...on the official website it lists august 20th AND the 21st as dates they are playing in Irvine. I've looked at other places where all the tour dates are mentioned, and only the 20th is listed in all of them, even the venue's website.


So is this just a mistake? Or are they going to be here for two nights??



I just had an important event come up for that same exact weekend and I'm FREAKING OUT because I doubt I'd make it to the 20th...and I'm praying that they're playing the 21st too.....

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well from the looks of it, they made the "space" available for a second night, in case of a sellout :rolleyes: which is so obvious, I just hope they don't put both shows on sale at the same time. It's cool to be on sale the same day but it should be hours apart: like the first show on sale at 10:00am and the 2nd show on sale at 12:00 Nooon or 1:00pm.

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