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Coldplay Recent Media Articles (Updated 5/30, 11:00am ET)


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I've been keeping track of this in a Coldplay thread in a different message board I frequent. I am thinking since this is an all-Coldplay board, that you all would be interested. I am sure some articles have been posted here before, but this is the complete list I have. Enjoy!


NEW Metro Toronto: Fear Drives Coldplay To Succeed

NEW The Globe And Mail: Coldplay, U2 and the PM

Ottawa Sun: Coldplay Letter Perfect?

NME: Crazy Frog Beats Coldplay To Number One

Jam! Showbiz: The JAM! Coldplay Interview

BBC Radio 1: Monday Is Coldplay Day On Radio One

Filter Magazine: Coldplay Live Leak

Weekend Standard: Battle Of The Bands

NME: Coldplay Plan 'Let It Be' Style Movie

CNN: Ringtone Leapfrogs Coldplay Tune

MTV: Coldplay's Third Album Is Actually Their Fifth...At Least

All Music: X&Y Review

Newsweek: Hot For Coldplay

NME: X&Y Can't Fail

ET: X-amination

UK Launch: Coldplay Get "The Fear"

Media Week: Coldplay To Feature In Bluetooth Ad

Ireland Online: Coldplay Want Beyonce

Billboard: Coldplay Turning Up The Heat For New Album

Music OMH: Speed Of Sound Review

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...review from a blog really, but it's very adamant:



Stream The Entire Album of Coldplay -" X&Y"


Let me start with this admonishment: I have nothing to lose and I don't give a fuck. The value of what can be taken from a person like me is decidedly unequal to that which has been taken from Coldplay. I don't even care whether or not you like Coldplay. It hardly matters whether you like them or not, does it? So I know you'll forgive me. I am not really going to talk much about the music on the new Coldplay album here. Ok, maybe just for a second. See, I like the new Coldplay album. I find it very listenable and progressive. It's not some earth-shattering kaboom, but it's very good. It's as good or better than what I would expect from Coldplay, coming off of two phenomenally-successful albums and so much time apart. From the first words out of Chris Martin's mouth, you get the sense that they've taken on a new direction while remaining focused on the original plan -- "You're in control, is there anywhere you wanna go? You're in control, is there anything you wanna know? The future's for discovering the space in which we're travelling" starts out track one on X&Y, the ephemeral "Square One".


But I'm still going to call bullshit here. Mr. Martin, with all due deference to your talent and skill, are you playing the role of the artist in the name of commerce or are you cowtowing to the whims of commerce in order to maintain your position as an artist? What would happen if everyone who wanted to buy this album instead chose not to buy it?


Now here's where I point out that the whole notion of EMI manipulating a group of musicians, the listening public, the RIAA, and their stockholders by placing too much power in the hands of a single record is storybook. This release should, hopefully, mark a defining moment in the silent war against corporate major-label greed. It should be a warning shot to everyone out there that has ever held a grudge against the labels for pissing away multi-millions of dollars on artists whom never recouped one penny of what was spent by the label only to face bankruptcy as the price for chasing their dreams. Coldplay have been held hostage by a system that, at it's best, is only as good as its few commodities. The system itself has no taste and without being fed by artists willing to sign away their lives, that system would soon die off.


File sharing and trading is making "hardened criminals" out of 12 year olds, P2P networks have been shut down, individuals have been sent to jail (over your very record, in fact), and I'm sure even my own computer is monitored to determine how (or what) I fileshare. Yours too. That's assuming an awful lot -- is it as presumptuous to assume that everyone fileshares as that the future of your company's quarterly earnings rests on the revenues generated by a single album? I think back with sickening anger to the Sex Pistols vitriolic song "EMI" which, in 1977, told EMI exactly where they stood on this very self-same attachment to the money -- "And blind acceptance is a sign/Of stupid fools who stand in line/Like/E.M.I." sang Johnny Rotten. Did you ever think about that, Mr. Martin? I just wonder because it seems like Coldplay is so far above all of that sort of poppycock, yeah?


And what about the music? After all, when you were young, Mr. Martin, and you decided to write songs and play them for a living, did you imagine that you would ever have the power to flush a company's profits down the toilet? How fearful are you to speak out about that nonsense, to really tell people how you think beyond a soundbyte delivered to appease a clamoring public who, most of them, will not find themselves disappointed with anything you do, regardless of whether or not it's even any good?


Finally, your single "Speed of Sound" has debuted in the UK at the Number 2 spot behind, of all things, a ringtone for a fucking cell phone. You must be scratching your head over this one. You, who are one of the most successful bands in the world, have failed to crack even the most commercial of all entities -- and you've been beaten by a song which, in many cases, has actually been given away FOR FREE. You could hear it on the internet, on the P2P services, on free CD's, on websites. The Jamster people were not afraid to market their product and, as a result, reached audiences it never intended.


Is it then even more insulting to you how that ringtone, "Crazy Frog Axel F", not only beat you for the top spot on your single's debut week in the UK, it outsold your single 4 times to 1? Why, yes. It certainly is. "When you love someone but it goes to waste/Could it be worse?"


It really doesn't matter anymore whether or not the new Coldplay album is brilliant. It no longer matters whether or not you're a great songwriter, Mr. Martin. It no longer matters if your live show is brilliant, if you ever intended to have the power to sway corporations in your hands. None of that matters because, yes, all of it is true. All of it is quite true, and the public's attention has wavered. The pre-destined obsolescence of all things which exist on our planet has come home to meet you and the Board of Directors at the corporation. Will the shareholders be singing how "Nothing's really making any sense at all/It's talk/It's talk"?


EMI will argue that "without us around, you'd never hear of a band like Coldplay". But that argument is so fucking dated, we might as well tattoo it to the bones of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a symbol for what has already become of the major label machinery we once knew. The cream, my friends, always rises to the top eventually. Does it taste better if it happens more slowly or more quickly? I don't know. For Coldplay, it has been a short, meteoric rise that will continue onward in spite of what I write here.


I'm going to do you the biggest favor a man like me can do for a man like you, Mr. Martin. I'm going to try and set you free for a second. Why? Because I know you're stuck. I know that if you could actually speak out more vehemently you would. All that sloganeering you've done, the whole "Keep Trade Fair" initiative, that stuff is what you actually mean it and I'm going to assume that you still believe in it. Being that you believe in Keeping Trade Fair, I'm going to make you and Coldplay continue to put your money where your mouth is here.


I know that if you had the wherewithal, you would be telling EMI six times a day to go and fuck themselves. You would tell all of us the truth of how they pressured you into creating a partially substandard product because of some graph or chart that proved how your previous records skewed in a certain market. You and your mates would release records on your own. You'd do whatever you had to do to go back to simply being who you are, a brilliant songwriter who has been put in an unenviable position. I hope you'd pick up the phone and call me, thank me for pointing out that "Speed of Sound" is nothing more than "Clocks, Pt. 2" which you recorded at the insistence of the board of directors. If the truth ever actually got out, I'd probably be killed for telling it. I know your checks have all cleared now, that you're going to be supported and taken care of no matter what happens. There is no contigency plan in place because, Mr. Martin, you are EMI's contingency plan. So I'm not afraid of what I'm about to ask people to do, and I hope you will forgive me for choosing to use my limited power to make an example out of you.


And really, who am I that I should know so much? I'm just a guy who likes music and who thinks I can fight the power and win. I might be wrong, you know? But see, I can accept that reality far more than you can accept being EMI's profit-loss margin for the third quarter of 2005.


I think you've been shortchanged and you've probably become more short-sighted and embittered as a result. Nobody told you it would come to this when you signed on. You're just as screwed as the little guy in the fledgling band who they are teeming to pull into the ranks. You and your mates, you've made a very good album. If people don't purchase it, then EMI's pie-in-the-sky dreams of treating artists like Coldplay as pawns in their scheme to manipulate a listening public already out of their control must finally dissipate. They're not fooling anyone. At least not anymore.


Now listen to the record, and feel free to write EMI Music Group to tell them how you people really feel. Tell them you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore. EMI does not control what you purchase and what you do not -- you do. SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. DON'T SUPPORT CORPORATE GREED. GO SEE COLDPLAY WHEN THEY PERFORM LIVE. BUT DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM. Think about it -- it's going to be on the radio every 5 minutes for the next six months anyways. You can probably download it someplace if you really want to listen to it, and you'll have to do that anyways if you want it on your iPod. So why bother? Go see Coldplay in concert, they're amazing. But don't buy the record.


Because I know I'm not going to reach millions of people or even be taken seriously about this whole thing, I have nothing to lose by saying it. And I still don't give a fuck. At least, I don't give a fuck about anyone except for Chris Martin who, in spite of being brilliant, seems as if he's been driven into slavery by the white collar whip. He deserves better, and so do we.


On behalf of everyone who cares, HEY, EMI? Did it ever occur to you that the fans of music are not the criminals, that instead maybe you are? Go fuck yourselves.


posted by EJ

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COLDPLAY’s new album ’X&Y’ has leaked ahead of its June 6 release.


The band’s latest LP appeared on file-sharing sites yesterday (May 30), meaning that it is now freely available to download from the internet.


A band insider told NME.COM: “It’s a miracle it hasn’t leaked before now to be honest. It’s released in Japan before Europe and they’ve played the album on their official website coldplay.com. Most major albums leak a long time before release, this is just a few days.”


The band’s record label have been secretive about sending the album out prior to release. Promo copies of the album were sent to journalists under the pseudonym The Fir Trees.

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From the xfm article review:

Coldplay 'X&Y'


It's been one of the most eagerly awaited, hotly-anticipated and furiously protected albums of our times. Next week the third album from Coldplay finally hits the shelves, but you can hear it ahead of time right here.


It's been the catalyst for countless column inches and corporate profit warnings - the cover art alone has been the subject of more frenzied speculation and wild guesswork than the second coming of Christ (which may actually have goine unnoticed amid all the hubbub).


It is, without question, the most crucial event of modern times, or at least the most hotly anticipated release in a year which is already seeing new albums from Oasis and Foo Fighters. It is Coldplay's 'X&Y' and what everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to the fine shareholders of EMI want to know is, is it any good?


The answer, as you may have anticipated, is of course it bloody is. It's mind-blowing. It's Coldplay for God's sake, the most enchanting, enigmatic collection of songwriters since REM and if they're going to lose the golden touch that's made them the biggest UK band since The Beatles, it certainly won't be a mere three albums in to their career.


Make no mistake, Chris Martin and co are at their peak. Opener 'Square One' blends Coldplay's classic ethereal template with some deft electronica and truly apocalyptic rhythms, a muscular backdrop to Martin's gossamer-thin vocal. Moving on through a record that's as fragile as it is powerful, 'Fix You' is a charmingly straightforward love song that bears no trace of Coldplay's propulsion into the global A-List - it's every bit as pure and unaffected as if Chris Martin wrote it on an acoustic guitar in a north London bedsit.


Elsewhere, after the beautifully-crafted chaos of the title track and the glorious sweeping melodies of first single 'Speed of Sound', there's the beautiful 'A Message', a song so uplifting and saturated with hope they should prescribe it on terminal wards.


There's more, lots more - 'X&Y' is that rarest of records; immediately compelling but also rife with seams of subtlety and detail that richly reward repeated listens. Check out the hottest record of the year, right here.

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Thanks so much cheers2u for the great article. And as a general aside to the board can people please continue to post new reviews/articles here. It is so much appreciated. Thank you :)


...it was my pleasure :)

...but as for that rolling stone review, were they listening to the right album??? "there's plenty to listen to, but not a lot to love" :confused:

i love all of "X&Y!"

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^jon pareles is a tool! :lol:


...it's hard to read the negative reviews...i wish music wasn't so personal.


..."Coldplay has spawned a generation of one-word bands — Athlete, Embrace, Keane, Starsailor, Travis and Aqualung among them" ...it's funny to read this now b/c i remember the old articles when Coldplay was always being compared to "other" bands.

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...it's hard to read the negative reviews...i wish music wasn't so personal.

So true. :embarrased:


Coldplay's music usually grows over time so I can understand why they wouldn't like it at first listen...but as reviewer, shouldn't that be considered?

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...it's hard to read the negative reviews...i wish music wasn't so personal.

So true. :embarrased:


Coldplay's music usually grows over time so I can understand why they wouldn't like it at first listen...but as reviewer, shouldn't that be considered?


That's what I feel too, Victaniac. RS should have atleast considered that. On the other hand I remember chris saying that if X&Y was a complete success that they may call it quits even though I don't believe they would. Now one bit of positivity from the negativity surrounding this release may be a rekindled passion from the boys to hit that studio and blow our minds in another 3 years. I'm just trying to look for the silver lining behind this cloud of negative reviews.

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Woot? Out so soon? I don't believe this... U were the first to notice a review from my country??? Aack! I feel ashamed :embarrased:


Nice review by Zack Yusuf (he gives pretty decent music reviews, while his bro Ross is my all time favourite radio deejay :D). This one's out very early, I usually have to wait a couple of weeks...

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"Better to downplay it. After all, mega-hypes rarely deliver.


But this one does. It's such a stunning, spiritually and emotionally overwhelming work, it just might make trade fair."


"Prediction: Not only will this sell by tanker-loads, it will run off with Album of the Year honors at the next Grammy Awards."



"Get used to the hype, haters. You're gonna be hearing about this one for an eternity."


These are quotes from the above stated review. Damn this guy's right on!!

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I searched and I found this forum only because I was so angry with the review at rollingstone.com that I had to express my feelings! I'm so upset with the guy who wrote that awful review!!!

I'm pretty sure that this guy listened to the album only once!

3 stars??? Why?

The album has been growing on me, and I have to say that it is great!!! You have to do with this album the same like other great albums: Listen and listen it again! Its the only way. Nobody can do a fair review without listening carefully X&Y.

I think that they at rollingstone hate Coldplay and they hate Chris Martin. And I think that they hate him because it obviusly someone who is a good man, in all the meaning of the word, he is not a "sex, drugs and rock and roll guy", like these stupid people at rollingstone like. Chris Martin, like Bono, has came to show to many that someone can sing meaningful songs and try to make a difference in this world. instead of being a drugs consumer and be a star in the world of rock and roll.

X&Y is an excellent album and more and more people will like Coldplay.

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Right on guxt. Don't worry about the review by and far most of the reviews I have read have been glowing. Read some of the others in this thread and you will see what I mean. As someone said on another forum this album "needs to breathe" for a few weeks first. Time will tell the tale of this most epic of albums :D

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