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White Shadows Here


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For those of you who want White Shadows, I've got it here (the beginning may be a bit cut off, I'm unsure, but it's most of the song)

The Rules: 1: Make more yousendit links so others can enjoy, or if you have webspace, host it, or if you want to make a torrent out of it, do it.

2: DON'T PM me to send you the song, I don't want to make a million ysi links for a million different people. 3: Enjoy! :)


The PW for the file is: cp.com



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Thanks so much! But.. darnit. I can't get rar-files to work. :/

If anyone could be so kind and extract the song and upload that one... I know I'm asking for much yeah... :confused:

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Now I want to listen even more! Good quality!! :o


Gah.. have.to.get.rar.file.to.work


Download WinRar from download.com ;)


Already had WinRar, but it didn't work... :confused:

So I uninstalled, and downloaded the new version. Worked. ;)


Sounds great! :cool:

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