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What happened when i met COLDPLAY yesterday.........!!!!!!!


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:-D Hello everyone!! Regular readers of my column (hee hee) will recall how last week I won a competition to see Coldplay perform an intimate set for 30 people at Maida Vale in London for Radio 1! :shock: This is what happened:

We arrive at 12.00pm and are told that the 6 competition winners will be taking part in ANOTHER competition live on air for the chance to win a signed lithograph! Eek -not again, I was nervous enough the first time when it was just on Mark and Lard’s show!!! Now I have to do a competition with the band in the room?!!! We are left to stew in the BBC canteen for a while until ten to 1 when we're taken into the studio. Things are running late so as we walk through the labyrinth of corridors filled with guitar cases labelled ‘yellow’ and ‘scientist’ and into the studio, the band are still rehearsing! Guy, Johnny, Chris and Will – right in front of me!!! We are led up onto the balcony above, where my sister and I take our positions directly above Chris’ piano. My sister will later remark how we could have quite easily spat on Chris’ head if we wanted too. It was tempting but I did manage to restrain myself! Chris stands in the middle of the floor below and looks up at the balcony. “Hello!” he says. I think we just goggled back at him! He was wearing a completely red make trade fair t-shirt with “The Scientist” jacket, and black trousers. Johnny was wearing navy with that red quicksilver baseball cap. Will was wearing his navy polo shirt and jeans, and Guy was wearing a red t-shirt that said something along the lines of “Big Ken’s Strength Training.” All looked completely knackered but very smiley! They started with ‘Politik’, and I can just remember watching Will in amazement; seeing him that close up is amazing and I have a new found respect for him because he was just…well, cool!! And Johnny proved to be a bit of a mover during this track too! Very funny. After a chat with the band which involved Chris singing a line from Tatu’s “All the things she said” (good lord!) they then played Clocks, and because we were standing right above Chris, my sister and I have decided he has fingers like E.T. when he plays the piano. Long and spindly! Then came the moment I had been dreading: the competition. They called the six competition winners down in order to determine which two of us would go through to compete for a limited edition signed lithograph. (altogether now: “oooooooooh”) On the way down the stairs I had to squeeze past Chris who was talking to Jo Whiley animatedly, so as you can imagine my heart rate was sky high before the competition even started! The first question was: What is track six on AROBTTH? All of us stood there dumbstruck until I finally managed to squeak out ‘Daylight.’!! And I VERY CLEARLY remember Johnny smiling at me at this point (breathe girl, breathe!) This meant I was through to the next round – and I immediately went to the girl next to me “does this mean I have to make an idiot out of myself on national radio AGAIN?” She said yes I did. Damn. Anyway, I get taken back up to the balcony (squeezing past Jo Whiley, Sara Cox and Wes, all really cool Radio One DJ’s btw), have a suppressed screaming fit and manage to calm down in time to see the band perform In My Place! Halfway through, I’m watching Johnny and he suddenly lifts his hand from the guitar, raises two fingers and swears at Chris! Chris begins to giggle, recovers his composure and covers his face with his free hand as if to say “I must not look at Johnny, otherwise I will turn to stone.” He then goes over during the instrumental and begins doing Liam Gallagher “come-and-have-a-go-if-you-think-you’re-hard-enough” type dancing in front of Johnny, and Johnny just laughs! Ahh, the tradition of In My Place messing about continues unabated! In between live songs, other artists are played, and while we’re off air Will dances around to Justin Timberlake, and Chris plays along on the piano to The White Stripes. Very cool! They then played the Scientist, which was beautiful and had everyone just singing along. During Johnny’s guitar change, the tech guy managed to pull of Johnny's hat and headphones while taking the guitar off over his head. He almost strangled the poor guy!! OK, then GULP. Competition time. I’m led down to the floor with the other woman whom I’m up against, and I stand directly in front of the band. The strangest, yet coolest moment of the day. Mark and Lard inform us that they are going to read out a series of questions that relate to a band member. We had to study their faces in order to guess which one of them the statement was about and then shout out our names when we knew the answer. So the first question: “Which member of Coldplay went to the chiropractor this morning?!” Oh dear Lord of Heaven above! Complete and utter madness ensues as each member of the band proceeds to try and stare me out without laughing and giving themselves away. So we get to the fifth question and it’s two all. I have held my composure quite well up until this point considering Will keeps laughing at me, and Johnny has just gone cross eyed in an attempt to freak me out! Final question: “Which member of Coldplay has a fork in his pocket at this moment?” I quickly realise that Chris’ pockets are the only one I can’t see, plus he is pretending to drink his coke far too casually for my liking. So I bite the bullet: “Chris” I say, before the other woman has a chance. Everyone turns to look at Chris as he smiles, raises his eyebrows, lifts backs his jacket and reveals……a fork sticking out of his trouser pocket!! YAY!!! Mark and Lard announce I am the winner and everyone claps! As we go off air, Chris leans across, holds out his hand to me and says “Well done, Sinéad.” :shock: I shake his hand, laugh and say thanks…….then run screaming silently back up the balcony to my equally giddy sister! Woohoo, I win!!! And I have just stood in front of all four members of Coldplay and played the craziest competition in the world! Touched by the hand of Chris Martin no less!! But for me the best moment comes at the end of the show when Chris sits down at the piano and plays a solo, slowed down version of “Yellow.” The whole audience just stood in amazement, it was so beautiful. I think it’s a sign of talent when you can take a song that is already amazing and just by changing the style and tempo, take it to a higher level. Absolutely mind-boggling. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos inside, but I got one with Chris outside, but I’ll tell more, and post the photos when they are developed, because I have rambled for far too long!! If you want to SEE the crazy Coldplay competition in full they have it at the following link, just click on “Watch the one and only Coldplay game.” You can also hear bits of the interview, but unfortuantely not the live tracks, but i taped it off the radio (as you od) so i'll try get it uploaded soon. Please reply and tell me I didn’t make a complete fool of myself!! Over and out

Sinéad xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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ah that's all so cool

lucky girl!


that's crazy how you went through it all. probably better than i would have, and the questions part was crazy. good job at getting them down.

too bad you couldnt take pictures, and it sounded like you had a wonderful time.


thanks for sharing all that with us :D

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It wasn't me that didn't know Johnny's name!! Come on, i worship him daily!! It was the woman i was up against!! Johnny looked a bit miffed when she just called him 'the guitarist!' bless!! im getting my photos back tomorrow, so i'll post them here soon!

Sinead xxxxx

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that has to be one of the best coldplay stories i've read so far' date=' especially the fork part, i wonder why did chris have a fork in his pocket?? LOL . Congratulations Sinead, I wish Chris would say my name.[/quote']


........ maybe it's an updated version of 'Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?'


lol ;) :D

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