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Return of the Morning Glory :P

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...hehe :lol:

After leaving the board, having a fucking bad feeling anytime I had a short look on the forum without posting...Ren PMed me, and I just looked randomly on the lounge...and was surprised to find my "Theresa" thread on 2nd page :stunned: I never thought so many people would miss me...and I remembered all the good times...and decided to come back.


*puts on Oasis - Hello (it's good to be baaack)*


The board has changed so much! I feel confused :confused: Now who of the oldies, the peeps I knew are still there??


Yeah...and this one below...that's how I look like by then.

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Newbie? well you're here for....almost one year!

Tomorrow you have your jubilee! :)

Wow i didn't noticied that friend, thanks to let me know, but here nothing knows me i think. :/ I have a few post here, because i come here more often since some weeks ago. :/

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word up! Hiiiiiii my finnish friend!


ich habe mein deutsche exam am morgen and i haven't studied enough yet. aber ich wollte dir Hi!! sagen :kiss:


ahaha gooosh i'm gonna fail this exam :stunned:


wie geht's euch? :P

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