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The "Reilly spreading the gentle loving" Club!


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props to Reilly for doing what he does best, spreading his gentle loving through out the board...*coff*not-to-mention-the-Coldplay-hating*coff*


you've got your own fan club now!



:cool: :cool:







[mods you may delete this thread if it is unnesscesary]



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Haaaaaaaaaaaa :laugh1:


Thank you :wacko: And Pai too for the idea from the other topic


Obviously people like Albie will think this topic is LUDICROUS and they would be right as I am a mean bastard but oh well!




Gwenerths big topic Im so proud :cry:

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"This week's addition of the Reilly love, Reilly has gotten once again, his own thread! This time though it is more of a fan club then just of the thread for this young man. "The "Reilly spreading the gentle loving" Club!" can be found on the Coldplaying message board, in The Lounge forum! So if you love and respect this young fellow, spread the word about him and join his club!"

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