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oo ee oo i look like buddy holly!

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same with maladroit..i didn't like it all that much..i think the best one that i've heard is the blue album!
i think some songs are alright on maladroit. i think fans need to give them a chance and realize it's just a new album and new stuff. i'm beginning to think they wont go back to the ways of the blue album and pinkerton.


i dont even think rivers would dare make another album like pinkerton, and i'm pretty positive about that.

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Pinkerton is the greatest album!! Every Weezer fan should pick it up! 8) Now that i listen to the Green Album i am very diappointed with it..it's not very creative.. :shrug:
i bet everyone thinks its a dissapointment because everyone else and their momma liked them and said they were fans when that album came out. or maybe because it was more pop. popular to posers :lol:
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i was just listening to this and wanted to share.......


goddamn you half japanese girls do it to me every time oh, the redhead said you shred the cello and i'm jello baby but you won't talk won't look won't think of me i'm the epitome of public enemy why you wanna go and do me like that come down on the street and dance with me


i'm a lot like you so please hello, i'm here i'm waiting i think i'd be good for you and you'd be good for me :D

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