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X&Y - the MOST Pre-ordered album in history on Amazon.co


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4:18pm (UK)

It's A Record for Coldplay


By Sherna Noah, PA Showbusiness Correspondent



Coldplay’s new release X&Y has become the most pre-ordered album in history on the Amazon website.


The album has been at the top of its 100 Albums Chart since March 15, when it became available for pre-order.



Today it took the record previously held by Dido’s Life for Rent and became Amazon.co.uk’s most pre-ordered album.


Amazon would not release sales figures for Coldplay’s third album, which hits the shops on Monday.


But it said pre-orders of X&Y had surpassed those of Life for Rent, which was released two years ago, by more than 10%.


Amazon.co.uk music editor Helen Marquis said: “The fact that the pre-order sales of Coldplay’s X&Y have surpassed those of Dido’s Life for Rent, a feat that no other band has been able to accomplish for nearly two years, shows just how excited fans are to get their hands on the group’s new album.


“It’s clearly important to Coldplay’s fan base that they are the first to hear the new album, which just goes to show that the band’s following is one of the most loyal in music today.”

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