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Bad production on X&Y: Have you adjusted your EQUALIZERS


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Some people have commented on the bad production on X&Y... While I'm tempted to agree, I'm not too sure that nothing can be done about it.


I'm one of those people who's had trouble liking X&Y, finding it too overwhelming initially, particularly because its complexity seems to lack focus/emphasis soundwise... Putting the album on repeat only solves part of the problem... It still sounds crap if you're not paying a whole lot of attention to the individual lines.


Then I found the problem... accidentally. It was my EQUALIZERS :o

I listen to music on my computer (Winmedia Player) and usually don't bother too much with the equalizers though I do fiddle to get the max out of the production. So far listening to X&Y I just heard too much din going on in the background, the balance didn't seem to be right, and the guitar blastouts although sounding good melody-wise, just didn't have that impact it should. I was fiddling with the WOW effects until I noticed my equalizers weren't exactly suited for loud guitar music (they were optimised for the other 2 previous albums).


After tweaking them, I found a big difference. There is an a clarity now (in line with the other albums) that wasn't there before, and emotionally there is more impact although if there might be an issue if you don't like loud sounds.


So here are my settings for those of you who wanna try... for windows media player. First, set the sliders to move independently. The 31Hz slider was set at (-4), 62Hz (0), 125Hz (1), 250Hz (-5), 500Hz (3), 1kHz (9), 2kHz (14), 4kHz (10), 8kHz (5), 16kHz(2). Overall, there should be two peaks, one smaller one for the bass (on the left), and a huge one for the guitars (treble section on the right). The WOW effects can be adjusted too (mine's at 61, although I think somewhere between 60 and 80 should be good) while the TruBass is near the max mark at 97 (coz I'm greedy to hear the bass too) :lol:


For those who may have this issue, hope this helps :D Please feel free to comment and help out.

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It sounded a bit too tinny to me.


Then again, I am listening to it on headphones. I'll have to try out your version again when the family's out. ^^


Until then, I'm using the Rock setting, which seems to emphasise it quite well for my ears. ^^

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Most computer speakers are crap' date=' I refuse to listen to an album in anything other than high quality surround sound.[/quote']


That's my top choice of course, me being the music snob I am... But what's a poor girl like me to do? All away from home with the only thing that remotely resembles speakers being my laptop... :rolleyes:


Care to donate me a hi-fi set? :D

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Very interesting, glad it all worked out.


I'll stick to my stereo to listen to it though .




Oh my God. Gentle, does that mean you got the album before I did? nooooo....

j/k. :lol:


Nope, that does NOT mean I managed to get mine first (still haven't yet)... I'll be getting it in about 2 weeks. :o


How about you? Did u manage to be the first in line? Where was it? One Utama? Hope u succeeded... :D

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i read this line "Then I found the problem... accidentally. It was my EQUALIZERS"' date=' then checked out the gender of the poster, and realised it all made sense :blush: only kidding :tongue2:[/quote']


I feel insulted :angry:


:rolleyes: :) :D


:lol: :lol: :lol:


Hey, at least I actually found the problem... By myself, I might add! :smug:


Haha... Made an ass of myself. The thing is my usual equaliser settings are maximised for the other two Coldplay albums... The balance is quite different from the usual settings for rock or whatever coz I like to hear certain elements of their sound. So with X&Y being so different in sound from the other two and listening to it with those original settings... the sound came out total crap :rolleyes:


I guess I always assumed that Coldplay would stick to making music that would sound best on those same settings. I also wasn't aware then that they fully switched to Dan Supple (personally I still think they should have stuck with Ken, but oh well,,, what's done's done, no point crying over spilt milk :rolleyes: )


Btw, I'm only buying the album later when I've more time... Can anyone tell me whether the production is still as bad/confused (my personal opinion) as the internet rips of the album?

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simple solution, Winamp, have loads of preset sound settings which are perfect.


Windows media is crap compared to winamp if u ask me.

I spend hours listening to music again and again and listening to only one instrument at a time, to compare and just simply try to get a grip of the songs and yes, winamp does nothing wrong, unless you make it go wrong, when using Winamp its all under your control.


So, Winamp for the win people :)

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good point..


I have been fiddling with the equalizers in my car for this one.. but I have come to the conclusion that my car stereo is just shite. lol It does sound a bit off.... (different from my other cd in current car rotation) but I just havent found the right car setting yet.

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