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The Doors


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i couldnt find a thread and if there is one than i recommend that you find it and delete this one. and if there isnt one (hard to imagine) than just talk bout the DOors here. k. fav song. anything. fav lyrics. WHATEVER JUST DO IT OK.


fav song .... peace frog..

fav lyrics... probably the end and graveyard poem..... because my dream is to sneak into a graveyard with a bunch of friends and spend the night....well it isnt like my DREAM of dreams but i thought it would be cool and i guess morrison did too so. yea. k

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I'm crazy about Jim Morrison! My mom is a huge fan too. My favorite song would have to be a toss up between "People are Strange" and "Riders on the Storm" - "The Crystal Ship" and "Peace Frog" are awesome too. I have a huge poster of Jim on my mirror, it's similar to the one in your avatar, Manders. How long have you been into them? I always think that's an interesting question because I love talking to people who are just getting into them and it's exciting in a way; I've been listening to them since I was really little, but I didn't actually *LOVE* them until a couple years ago.

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The Doors are amazing "The Doors" is one of my favorite albums. Hard to say what my favorite song is because they have so many, but if I had to name a few I'd say "People are Strange" "Five to One" "Light my Fire" "Back Door Man" and the list goes on. Jim Morrison was one of the greatest front men ever!


Rock On!

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