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V: The Second Generation

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I just read on the newspaper that Kenneth Johnson will film a serie.


I checked and there will be the same actors (at least the main actors and characters) than on the first "V" (1984). (I really expected that there will be new actors).


You has seen the first V?


Any fans of it? :)


Check it

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Is this the show where the aliens were lizards dressed up as people and ate mice out of bins and flew around in giant saucers and had a leader called Diana who was kind of a bitchy lizard? They all died at the end... :huh:

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I remember this show, when I was much younger I watched reruns of the miniseries and series on the scifi channel, it would be interesting to see if they remake this like they did with Battlestar Galactica! :D

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Oh my God!! I loved 'V' soooo much!! In fact, I used to play with my friend!!

And I was Diana, yessssh! :sneaky:








Oh, dear, it was in 1984!! I was only 7!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGHH!!

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