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Boston, MA Buzz Show- May 13th, 2005

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I just found this website, so I wanted to share my stories from Boston in May 2005.


I saw Coldplay at a small buzz show (a club with about 1,000 people). They were amazing and I can't believe they would even play such a small venue!! Even though the new songs were unknown at that point (aside from Speed of Sound and Fix You), they were incredible live and the crowd were into it. As mentioned on the Colplayer on their website, they had some sound techincal difficulties. At some points the band seemed really nervous. When they were trying to fix their ear pieces, Chris joked to the audience about Jon's good looks and said "frankly he is a f'ing sex God." Jon got all embaressed. Chris also kept saying how they were away for so long and were so thankful the crowd seemed to remember them and care enough to come to a show.


During 'Til Kingdom Come, Guy was so shy playing up close to the audience he didn't want to look (which is still surprising seeing he has played hundreds of shows)...so Chris kept saying, "look, its ok...look at the crowd....look at all the people." After the whole band were staring at Guy, he finally turned to the audience and put both his hands up above his head as if he just won a marathon.


Overall, it was an amazing show and only $20.00 a ticket! I can't wait to hear about everyone else's experiences.

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Hmm...maybe I got it wrong. I could have sworn it was Jonny. :) Oh well...I'll stand corrected.


I also liked when some girls threw up what looked like panties...and Chris said he was a f'ing married man and didn't need all these temptations on the road :)

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