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what about the live 2003 (combo cd + dvd)


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i notice that in the post poll about coldplay's albums nobody mentione the live 2003 cd & dvd.

do you like it or not ? in my opinion, i really like the dvd and the cd tracklist without the two great songs scientist and trouble doesn't interest me very much :(

i think that the first two songs sound exactly as the same as the studio version so i always skip the cd until the number three (a rush of blood) :lol:

however, the one i love live version is really awesome and moses is ok.

and, what about you ? do you play it frequently ? do you even have it ? :lol:

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love it! :D

watched it so many times...


yeah i wish they kept the cd with the tracklisting of the dvd, it would have been much better. but what can you do? oh well. still love it!

i don't play it that frequently really though...


ahh one i love! it's so true! it's absolutly amazing live, a billion times better then it is recorded.

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i baught a second hand copy of this combo :D about 12 or 15 euros ! and for the price it's worth the cost ;) for those who never listen to the one i love live version, run to your cd-deliver, and buy it for sure :D a real good version, better than the original :cool:

and, "life is for living" at the very end of the dvd is really awesome :o a huge song actually ! :P :smug:

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Guest LiquidSky
my favorite part is the tour diary!!


Mine too, speacially when they are doing an interview in Spain and the girl says "Johnny can come too" and Johnny just sorta smiles (Love that part) :nice:

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I bought it the other day, a mite apprehensive that everything would sound like it came right off the album. Thankfully, my fears were [mostly] allayed. The director of the footage should be shot(the camera skips around WAY too much, and not just for the frenetic songs like "One I Love"), but the lights and the music are phenomenal.

I wish that the other five tracks could've been included on the audio disc(they had room to fit at least two or three of those on here...), but what you get is worth your money.

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