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I don't hate Oasis. I had tickets for a concert they had to cancel in Germany - and when it was rescheduled, I couldn't go!!

Just am a huge Coldplay fan - more my style.

However, I do think Liam acts like a tw*t most of the time. Noel's much better - he's been on Soccer AM several times.

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I like both, obviously I prefer Coldplay

But as a kid of Britpop in the 90's - yes I like

them - but prefer their old stuff so there's no hatred

on my behalf what so ever. It's silly as I think the two

bands get on it's just a bartering thing isn't it *sigh* :lol:

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same here, i admit oasis are my favorite band as i grew up with them if you know what i mean but what coldplay are doing is absolutly amazing. All 3 albums are amazing but i cant help but feel that coldplay are now in the zone where they have to be very careful with the way they approach things, if they get it right they will be the biggest band on the planet, get it wrong and it could end up a bit like oasis (wasting 2 records to find form)!!!!!

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oasis used to be great' date=' not so much anymore, i think its because oasis fans see that coldplay is taking over, theyre showing some hositility towards us[/quote']

The same goes with Radiohead fans. Lotsa hostility there. :/

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