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Glaaasssgow Friday 1st July 2005


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flying out to glasgow tonight... i'm SO excited about seeing coldplay tomorrow night :cool:

this will be my 4th time seeing them perform live, but with the genius that is x & y i have a feeling that it is going to be the best gig...ever :D


anyone else going? :)

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yeah i'm going tonight. can't wait. woke up early. listening to them all morning. loud. singing even louder.


this will be the fifth time seeing them. tonight will be good but it'll take a lot to beat the first time i seen them at the liquid rooms in edinburgh.


last song before encore was everything's not lost. when they finished, walked off and to get them back on the crowd kept on singing 'sing out yeah....everythings not lost' and kept on singing it till they came back and they were gobsmacked. just an amazing gig. first time i heard them do 'have yourself a merry little christmas' which got the whole crowd gushing.


if tonight is only half as good as that night it will still be awesome.

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WWooooooooooooooooohoooooooo hold the phone people I'm still on a high from friday!!!!!! :D :D :D :D


4th time seeing them... and it was really THE best time!!!!


Fix You was my ultimate highlight... when the first big drum beat from will came in before the chorus there was fireworks and the crowd went crazy!!!


Coldplay sang it as an encore and I was walking on air for the rest of the weekend :lol: They really were AMAZING... The whole band were on top form.


God Put A Smile Upon Your Face was a pleasant surprise.... very very very good live.


I was a little disappointed that they didn't sing Shiver, but that's insignificant when I consider the fantabulousness of the rest of the gig :D dossers11, what did you think? :cool:


When the band came back from Live 8 on Saturday to play the second Glasgow gig my friend and I could hear the concert again from her flat! Hahah, two for the price of one :cool: :smug:

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