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question about guitar playing...


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so i'm sitting in the car with my friend and i'm in the front seat playing coldplay. so during a message i think it was, she says that because on the strings when he switches chords, and it squeaks it means that he's not holding the guitar properly. and that he's not a good guitar player if he plays like that.


so i'm wondering if the sqeaking on the strings has anything to do with it? :/ she said that her sister plays guitar and used to squeak, then she learned how to hold the guitar properly and it stopped...

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hmm yes a classical guitar teacher would slap you...but screw that.


He's playing in an open tuning which requires lots of slideing ....so yes its suppose to do that.

Some studios dont like it...and they put peanut oil on the fretbord...this stops the sqeak...but makes your guitar smell like...an elephant.

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