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Coldplay shoot video at gig - NME.com


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COLDPLAY shot the video for their forthcoming single ‘Fix You’ last night (July 4) at the end of their gig in BOLTON.


As the band closed their 95 minute set at the Reebok Stadium singer Chris Martin surprised the crowd by announcing that TV cameras were in the venue to film their next video and he urged the audience to act as extras for the shoot before the four-piece performed the track twice.


Despite poor weather conditions and a 15 minute delay at the start of the show owing to severe traffic problems, it turned out to be an eventful night for Coldplay who also sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to an audience member.


The band kicked off proceedings with ‘Square One’ from ‘X&Y’ before Martin praised his fans by changing the lyrics in ‘Politik’ to “thanks for waiting for us in the rain…I think we’ve got the best fans in the universe.”


They went on to play a similar set to their recent Glastonbury performance with the exception of the Kratftwerk sampling ‘Talk’ and album track ‘What If’.


Martin was in good spirits throughout the show, particularly when he spotted a blow up dummy in the crowd early on and joked: “That’s incredibly distracting but quite arousing. When you’re away from your family you’ve gotta take anything you can get,” before he backtracked and added: “Get rid of it, it’s fucking terrible.”


During ‘Till Kingdom Come’ he also forget the words at one point and said: “Sorry I fucked that up. Thank God that wasn’t Live8.”


Coldplay complete their UK tour tonight with a second show in Bolton.


Support came from Elbow, and label mates Morning Runner.


The band played the following set:


‘Square One’



‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’

‘Speed Of Sound’


‘Warning Sign’

‘Everything’s Not Lost’

‘White Shadows’

‘The Scientist’

‘Till Kingdom Come’

‘Don’t Panic’



‘What If’

‘In My Place’

‘Fix You’


’Fix You’ is expected to be released as a single later this summer.




for those who cant be bothered to click on the link :P

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mmmmh...next week they are gonna play in Verona (Italy) at the Arena...

they'd better wait and shoot it at the Arena...it's a magic place




I wanted to go to that gig too.. Because I'm going on vacation somewhere nearby, but I'm going a few days later there than that gig is.. nooo :(

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I'm counting down the days too...:heart:

I think I will bring binoculars with me :pleased: I wanna see everything on the stage...

while my brother will take all the pictures (he is better than me at taking pictures :smart: )

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Oh...I just found this on the official board

"Whoever suggested taking a camcorder - don't! Recording video or sound at gigs is generally prohibitied and if it's found, your camcorder will be confiscated.

Digital cameras are generally okay"

and this

"If you take a camera, hide it in your bag until you're well inside the arena - they were taking batteries off people with cams at crystal palace"

So Jan, be careful


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