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does this person have a striking reseblance to guy?


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^ :cry:


i hope we never do that to a CFU member!!! :angry:


Edit: ^ thats a face of outrage btw at you being made fun of.


it's all fine though! the girls are just too in love with guy, to think anyone as odd looking as the guy i posted could resemble guy :P :lol: and to the boys that posted...well, we all know they're also secretly in love with guy's good looks :P


erm...mandi maybe that's because you need some glasses... :rolleyes: just kidding... :P


hahaha. no, scarily enough i actually might need glasses :stunned: i have to go for an eye test sometime soon. i think i'm just straining my eyes too much on the computer. my brother says i'm ruining my eyes.



i do think that the goat, now THERE'S an OBVIOUS reseblence to guy :P :wink3:

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