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does this person have a striking reseblance to guy?


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a teeensy weenie bit.. yes.. but Guy is much much finer. :smug:


well we all know THAT :P


and by the way, who looks more like guy: the guy i put up over here, or the some person from big brother named Kemal that some people on the official board thinks looks A LOT like guy.




thread here: http://forums.coldplay.com/viewtopic.php?t=30916&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

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You know who I think looks a bit like him,I don't know the actor's name but if you're a Friends fan you'll know who I'm talking about,it's the guy who played Rachel's assistant/boyfriend Tag Jones,I'll look for a pic.

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Haha' date=' that was so odd Amanda.[/quote']


what was?


and i never said he looked like that kemal guy! in fact i dissagree...i'm just saying i think that the person i put a picture of looks more like guy then kemal. :P


haha y'know what's odd! in both this thread, AND a thread on the official board when talking about people who looked like guy, david hasselhoff was metioned :stunned: :stunned:


how that happend...i'll never know... :lol:

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Can't find the topic with the lookalike for Chris so this is the closest thing. Probably just me but I think Chris Martin resmbles Thomas Sorensen the Aston Villa and Denmark goalkeeper. Anyone else? :rolleyes:

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