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does this person have a striking reseblance to guy?


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No resemblance to me...who's the guy on the pic anyway?



no idea :lol:

it was on some photographers site, i was checking out the coldplay pictures and scrolling through the rest when i saw this one.



ahhh how can you not see it?!? is it really just me? they look so similar! :stunned:


and yes, the smile is similar to guy's i noticed.

just ignore the hair....

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WOW! Apart from having a slightly bigger nose, that person looks the EXACT same as Guy! All the ladies here are just afraid of the possibility that Guy isnt that goodlooking :rolleyes:


Hahah nah, but that does look exactly like Guy. Look at the teeth, and the eyes and eyebrow area, same smiley lines basically and same shape of head. Its mainly the eyes and teeth that bears the STRIKING resemblence but he really does look like guy.

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