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Thought on Terrorist Attacks...


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Thanks for agreeing! But she was talking about the Minor bombings in London the other day, 2 weeks after the 50 who lost their lives.


A couple people were injured, but still, the bombs didnt go off properly and would've claimed just as many lives. This says to me, its just as important as the bombing 2 weeks ago, if not more important...


I think naturally most people around the London area and England felt that the bombing a fortnight ago was terrible, but the 2nd bombing (even if it was less dangerous) shows that this is definately an on-going battle, and people are really freaking out about their safety now (In other words, for most of the nation, 50 people dieing was terrible but it didnt effect their lives, now its really hitting home on a personal level).


I've ranted on again :cool:



I know exactly what she was referring to.... so what only a few people got injured in this one... it still doesnt change the fact of the intent.

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