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Do you like bacon?

Sweet One

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i should have bacon beore i leave to camp.

it's a jewish camp, and bacon isn't allowed :lol: or any sort of pork....

we had fake bacon bits once...and people complained that we shouldn't :rolleyes:


mmm i need to get some bacon...

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ahhh' date=' yeah, i don't get to come on the board as much too, it's weird. all these new people and i have no clue who they are! :lol:[/quote']


I don't have anything to say to anybody 2/3 of the time I come here, but I'm here frequently anyway. :P


But you know as well as anybody else that I've taken pretty lengthy leaves of absence before.




This is a haiku for bacon:


Bacon may clog heart

I eat it down anyway

Because it tastes great

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