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something strange that happend to you today...


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My new dentist says I only have 3 cavities....not 9 like the other lady said which was at a different dentist that cost like soooo much more so we changed....and I also got my teeth cleaned for the first time and it was really weird!! :stunned: But I still need a root canal!! :cry:

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Oh, relax. Just pretend that you're a police officer. If he's a serial killer, it'll either a) scare the beejezus out of him or b) give him his next target. Hopefully option a) will prove more likely than b).


I had a dream last night where Canada was replaced by Russia. The United States looked like it had an overgrown brain!!!! So funny. :lol:

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A girl started flirting with me then before she went home she kicked me

Then my other friend started flirting with me

And then tommorow I'll end up having more people flirt with me...Considering tommorow is a lucky day for me


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