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If you could take 3 coldplaying.com forum members to a gig


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Well' date=' I don't know any people of this board yet, so I gotta pick the only ones I know :lol: First of all, of course, [b']kat_in_blue[/b] (I don't know if she writes a lot of posts in here, I've already known her before I knew that she's at this board as well - at least she's registered) and mooseheadsfan who I was glad to meet yesterday.. Well, that's it - these are all persons I know :confused: Well, the third person would probably be one of the nice Germans, like A Whisper for example :)


Oh,thank you for being so nice.You're are welcome and I would take you to a concert,too :D

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aaron' date=' david, reilly......laura, camille, cameron, brandon, ian, ren, joyce, maria...[/quote']


That's my Britt!! muuaxx


in a perfect world-Britt' date=' Irene, Mafe, Denise, Camille, Ari, Reilly, Tom, Justine, Charles...[/quote']


Awww Aaron!!! why you're so nice with me hun??


i can't choose just 3...


daryl, theresa, ren, joyce, mafe and fifi. :idea2:


Thanks Arichita



I can't choose 3 either....


Mi Renatico lindo, Aaron, Britt, David, Joy, Ari

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bonnie (bonabon) because she's incredibly random' date=' andreaaaaa because she's a mad chick :cool: and mark because he's cool :)[/quote']



:blush: awwwwnnn..thank you bonnie!!!!! :)


ok im taking four.... :lol:

bonnie!!! she was so nice with me when i was new and she still is so nice with me :blush: !!!.

kapone, he is just so cool hahaha :cool:

roro he made everything he could to make me fell comfortable

joyce, because, she is so nice and so mad! i really liked her when we started to talk about green day hehe :beatnik: :)

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we should start our own fanclub of the newbies :cool: the cool newbies :cool: i mean we don't get invited to random desert islands to meet with coldplay on imaginary coldplaying.com scenario's because we aren't part of the old gang :snore: so if i were to take 3 members i'd take bonnie (bonabon), andrea, laura (lilchick), mark, and rich off course :lol: , (am well aware that is 5 people) :idea2:



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bonabon wrote:

^ and thank god she took her caps lock off!!!! meh id prob take bonita, mark and ...hmm u must fight for my love



the third should be me---cause i will bring lots of CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!

no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u have succesfully fought for my love! bring PLENTY of cheese!


we should make our own little thread like they have it

"bolamarian" he he oh---and dont forget arnie--- ---he is my guest

put me in it too! so u say "bobolamarian"! but hus "ian"??

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