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Irene's scribblings...


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And another one, I have quite a collection you know :P


On stepping out.


Some poise a gun against the temple

Or step off a bridge on a warm Sunday morning

And forever stand as a public example:

A hideous and cruel children's warning


Some accuse those of blatant cowardice

And judge them so easily, quick and unfair

Apparently they've never felt how it is

To feel depression, pain, despair


But most of us, we walk around

In the vast maze of our existence

And try to prove the best resistance

we can, to keep our feet on solid ground


So some place the gun against their head

And in the bullet, find relief

But what's the point in that happiness?


You don't feel it when you're dead.

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Guest LiquidSky

wait! Hold on.. I haven't finished reading the first one and you already posted another two?! :P :P :P Don't post more until I finish reading :lol: :embarrased: :P


I think that says I'm a slow reader.. :shifty: No.. I'm not..I was just checking my message I received a few minutes ago.. :P

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Guest LiquidSky

Okies, I just finished reading all of them..


The best one I liked was the last one, I really the message it gives.. Thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ...


On the first one, very good writting but I didn't like the ending.. :embarrased:


The second one, I also really liked a lot.. it was very nice and simple... ;)


On the third one....was the least one I liked... :curtain:


btw, very nice drawing ;)

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Guest LiquidSky

awww burningmonk..you kept on clicking! :lol: :D It's okay.. you can edit them though :idea2: well if you want...

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Got another one for you all... Not exactly a poem, more like thinking over things...




Got nothing to complain:

I'm not hungry

I'm not poor

Plenty of good books to read

Get good grades in school

And I can always go outside

Or ride my bike, practice sports

I've got a nice view from my window

Two parents and a little brother,

Loads of friends so enough company

Live in a wealthy, peaceful country


But still, sometimes, it can feel like

The food comes in through a slide in the door

Which by the way has a huge bald guy

With a stick in front of it

And cameras in the hallway

And the money isn't mine,

I have to earn it by behaving properly

And doing my duties five hours a day

The exercise is regulated and guarded

The books are all the same

Because they come from the same shelf in my room

Four o'clock's visiting hour

And lights out at ten

And bars in front of the windows

Through which I always see

The walls with the barbed wire

And the big gate at the end of the lane...


Funny, that no matter how free you are,

you always remain to be

an inmate to yourself.

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And this one. It's short, but I felt quite okay about the way it turned out.




Struggling to reach the surface

Failing lungs and flailing limbs

Breathing water, in and out

Sunk away in layers of blue


Missed the red flag, missed the warnings

Missed the tide rising to top

But it was so warm, so comfortable,

So sweet

To drown in you.

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