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Hide-and-seek and let's play tag

The children having fun

People laughing, birds they sing

And flowers in the sun

Little girl, empty the sea

and when you're hurt, then come to me

Happy, take your time...


Firearms and flying bombs

And children with a gun

People screaming, fires roar

The black clouds killed the sun

Little girl, they killed them all

No-one to hug you when you fall

You're all alone now.

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Don't leave me


Lying on the dried-out grass

In your arms, away from all of this

You'd love me, and with a tender kiss

Make all my problems pass


But meanwhile, my soul burns up

It's all a dream, will never be

I want to make it go, just stop

Cause your blue eyes are all I can see


And inside of me, I ran and ran

And the memory of you would vaguely float away

Till I would not remember you, but your eyes and voice will stay

And above the raging storm of my disordered mind

They shout at me for who I am, and crave to let me find

You within these barren planes,

To find myself again


I don't like it.




or don't I have any reason for that?

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