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Talking to Coldplay?


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well here a tv host ask bruce springsteen to play a concrete song and he did it. and another tv host ask u2 to say another number on their song where they use to say 'uno, dos, tres, catorce' the host told them they were wrong because in spanish the correct sequence is 'uno, dos, tres, cuatro' so bono ask him 'tell me another number' and he sang the other number.


they got it but they are tv hosts :/ anyways i really hope you can talk to them. ;) but i think is not easy. :(

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Awww. I'd love to request Stairway to Heaven.




Actually, in all seriouseness, I was wondering the other day if there WAS a place to write to. I've been meaning to for awhile now, you know, typical stuff. "Chris, I fucking love you, you're all genius's" etc. (Ok, maybe not put in those EXACT words)

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i don't what exactly is giulia :/ i guess is like a personal site, like a blog but i never used the myspaces... i use/go to other sites... well anyways...


do i have to create me an account on myspace to join there right?

ohh another account/blog my head will explode with the passwords :confused: what i'll can say on this blog account, because if i do an account i have a space there, right? :/

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added you.. don't you try to join their space first? :stunned: i don't know how the myspace works..


you have to create an acoount and then you have to click on a button on coldplay´s space that says "add" or something like that and then you have to wait to see if they added you or not..complicated... :confused:

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