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Info-giving Thread

RJ Fox

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Sorry if there's already a thread like this.

This is where you say a little about yourself, so peaple get to know you better.

I created a family, called the Foxlogic Team, they consist of RJ Fox, the 20-year-old werefox, Samuel Blake, the 18-year old wolf and Minstrel, the 17-year-old fox. They have a half-brother called Randall Fox too.

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Im a 20yr old female, that lives in east london but goes to uni in devon. Im feeling rather lost and deppressed at the minute and have felt this way for a while. Im just bored of life. I want to be back in london and working in a job that i like but im worried i wont ever get the job im after.


Sorry to bring everyone down! but you wanted the truth (i think :/ )


Im guessing you really wanted to read something like...I love listening to music and watching films and have a vast collection of both...well i just dont feel that happy at the minute :(

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No, that's fine! ;)

I'm also a chocolate-addict and an ice-cream addict! :rolleyes: I also am known as a werewolf, as at times I'm howling like a wolf in my sleep which is really wierd :thinking: I love music and can play a guitar and a violin

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