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The Island


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Fantastic movie.

A little slow and tedious to begin with, but as the story developed I really enjoyed it.


The beautiful Scarlett Johannson and the even beautiful-ler Mr. McGregor have a perfect onscreen partnership.


Has anyone else seen this? I was sceptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised.... The issues it raises about cloning in the 21st century are spot on.


Must-see :cool:




7.jpg<hubba :cool:

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I liked it alot, apart from the blatent product placement and its length. We didn't need allllllllllllllllllllllllllll those action scenes, they escaped like 14 times in the end :stunned: But I did like it, Ewan was looking hot and Scarlett looks so beautiful in that film it makes me wanna cry :lol: :P


Worth watching definitely :cool:

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mwhaha, i never thought of that one.... eggcellent :lol:


random comment - i laughed my ass off during the bar scene, after they escaped from the underground place...


"he's taking a dump."

"where's he taking it?" :laugh3:


"straight up?"

*looks up*


ahahaha. scarlett was perfect for the role of Jordan, coz as much as I love her she has that ability to appear incredibly ditzy with very little effort :lol:

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What do you mean.... making it...?! You mean the production techniques were poor or something? I think they were eggcellently done - although I agree with Mimi about how the film didn't need

allllllllllllllllllllllllllll those action scenes
:lol: :rolleyes:
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I saw it a little while ago. It bombed in most cities, but I didn't think it was that terrible. I went specificaly because I find Scarlet stunning, and she proved that in the movie. As for the movie.. it was ok. Steve Bushemi (sp) was awesome, he is always so funny.

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i liked the movie and yes Ewan is hot but i agree that there were too many action scenes and that maybe with that idea they could have done better....


and come on....they fall of a building with 70 floors and they survive :dozey:

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I saw this movie and i really loved it. Im a HUGE ewan mcgregor fan. I love him :blush: And to the previous comment, they survived because they fell on a net. If you don't remember the scene, there was an african-american construction worker and he saw then and said "Jesus must love you". Yeah anyway thats what happened. :idea2: And if you noticed when Lincoln six echo was getting those little things in his eyes, you could see the camers crew in the reflection of the doctor's [sean Bean] glasses

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