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The who do you fancy on this board and why thread...


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I fancy all of you because you are all friendly and fellow Coldplay fans(obviously). And I love the fact that I can come on this board whenever and always find someone to talk to about anything. I can't just say something about one person because I don't want to leave anybody out! You're all lovely! :)

*big hug* :D :D

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I fancy Chrissy cause she's an Aries!!! and sweet just like me!!! ;)

i got one!! and i'm so late for this... and i got obe-wans aswelol but that reeeeally doesnt count :P (he's a bit of a cheater aint he? :P :D )


Now who do i fancy...? There's so many to chose from :shrug: cant deside...who's the cutest? just kidding ya! :D

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I fancy Ginger because she sent me something for my birthday that really touched me, more than she knows and am so grateful for her :D




what was that? the silly string? hehe :D






no i'm just kidding ;)

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l fancy Ian...ccuz lol well, lve never really had a convo with him...but hes cute and cuz he made this all possible (the message board RULES!! ) :multi:

I fancy Angie cuz she introduced me to the board, and shes awsome/ ggeetttoonnnuuppaaaa! ;) :D

I fancy Ginger cuz shes a quiet *Guy ;) she always says the right things and has a cool mind :-D


...................I fancy myself, cuz no one else does :roll:

hehe you think i'm quiet? i guess so.



i fancy vinita because she can play clocks better than me! and how she can go on and talk forever. i love it. :D

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I fancy Burns. Please dont ask why, you really wont want to know when you find out.


Well hey at least one of you fancies me, that guy who said he fancies everyone on the board. It may be cheap praise but I'll take my blue participation ribbon anyday :P

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