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The who do you fancy on this board and why thread...


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I really fancy all of you! Seriously.

Laura, Angela, Ian, Simon, Christine, Victoria, Ginger, Tom, Sara, Kasia, Hannah, Julie, Amanda, Nadine, Maria, Jacob, Holly, Carla, Jonny and everyone I forgot! You people are the best!!!!

Yeah, and all the new ones too, you're greeeaaat! ;)


(Sorry for breaking the rules of this thread. I'm too lazy to make a post for every one of you :D)


awwwww.....Well, i fancy you Nic, b/c you're awesome and really nice b/c you always help people with their pictures and stuff..AND your website is really cool too!!


*hugs* :)

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l fancy Ian...ccuz lol well, lve never really had a convo with him...but hes cute and cuz he made this all possible (the message board RULES!! ) :multi:

I fancy Angie cuz she introduced me to the board, and shes awsome/ ggeetttoonnnuuppaaaa! ;) :D

I fancy Ginger cuz shes a quiet *Guy ;) she always says the right things and has a cool mind :-D


...................I fancy myself, cuz no one else does :roll:

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