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All that you can't leave behind


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OMG! Magneto!!! I remember those guys!! :lol:


:embarrased: I was young!!! and naive!!! :embarrased:









ok.ok. I was stupid, :P but I dont know what I can do with these things... :huh:




I still listen the Kings of Convenience EVERY DAY :P :D




Failure is always the best way to.. dead: Zu

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well, i keep sooo many things that i realllly don't need from when i was younger. So many toys, and little things and money boxes, door signs that used to be up on my door... it drives my mom crazy cause she doesn't have any where to put it


i still have all my "Sweet Valley Twins" books, which i used to LOVE in the 4th grade

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Guest LiquidSky
I still laugh at people's face.. :lol: :embarrased:




Man.. the world can come falling down and I am still laughing.. I don't know why:laugh3::confused:

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