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Red Hot Coldplay Looks To The Future(tour, album next year?)


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Coldplay's ongoing Twisted Logic tour is doing huge business as the box office in North America, but the U.K. group already has its sight set on the future. Following the Dec. 20 close of a European tour, Coldplay will return to North America in February for an arena tour that will run through mid-April, the group's manager, Dave Holmes, tells Billboard.


The current tour is proving as successful as Coldplay's third Capitol album, "X&Y," which in 11 weeks has sold 1.9 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.


Given Coldplay's love of touring and recording, does one conflict with the other? "Yes, in a way," Holmes says. "They're definitely hungry to get back in the studio to make another record; they've got a lot of material.

So for next year we're looking at building a tour around their recording schedule. Ultimately it could potentially mean we end up releasing another record [next year] and continuing to tour well into '07."


With Coldplay's rapid growth and global appeal, some have compared the band to U2, which continues to sell-out out stadiums and arenas worldwide.


Holmes balks at the U2 reference, but sees why some would make it. "I'm not a big fan of comparisons, because these are really different bands in terms of their music," he says. "But I suppose there are some similarities in terms of the way we're trying to build it, and I don't disagree with why people would have similar expectations of this band."



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I think I just died, a little.


:o :stunned:


One more US tour, then cover HOPEFULLY the countries they haven't already (Australia!? :idea2: ) THEN GET THEIR ASSES BACK INTO THE STUDIO, PLZ.




Oh my parents are just going to DIE when they hear they're coming back. They've hid the credit card on me, I think. :angry: :P

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