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My acoustic demos (please give them a chance)


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Whats the point of telling people to be nice? Dont you want to know what we're actually thinking or do you want to know what we honestly think (Which is actually helpful)


Yer Immortal kind of drags. Its not a terrible jingly pop song, but it sounds pretty weak, I dont really see why anyone would want to listen to it more then once.


The Landslide is a bit better, the vocal harmonies at the end really do sound cool and interesting.


But both songs really do sound well before a finished product (And not just in terms of sound quality).

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thanx :) yea i guess i shouldnt tell people to be nice, be HONEST..


i think these recordings are shit but i think people can get the general drift of the tunes... Think im gonna change most of the lyrics and re-record them soon.

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just thought it was very brave of me to put my songs on a message forum haha..


i think its a great idea tho. cuase when i play my songs to people when i am standing in front of them they always tell me "this is amazing, its really really good, etc.." but on forums people say stuff they wouldnt say in person.. id expect people telling me your songs are rubbish... so thanx for listening guys.

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Hah! And here I was thinking you'd get all defensive.


Yeah, really you have potential but I dont see these 2 songs as really hitting anyone as good material, but keep working on it.


I posted my band's entire album a few weeks ago, the downloads are available but Im considering myspace-ing it like you did (Right now all the downloads are rapidshare and take a while).

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