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Coldplay music on tv


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sorry if this has been done before, someone mentioned it in another forum on this website a while back.


If you hear coldplays music on tv etc just tell us all here

I'm not talking about the bands music being used for adverts as we've all been down that road before :)


i'll start


i heard the song 'Clocks' used at the Newcastle United press conference while introducing Micheal Owen as their new signing, sounded great while watching all his goals :)

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Don't panic sounds in the films: 'Garden State', 'Igby goes down'

Warning Sign sounds in: 'Code 46'

Clocks sounds in 'Confidence', 'In america' 'Peter Pan' (not esping from neverland, althought the tille that luigio said is wrongs he meants probably 'finding neverland')

Sparks sounds in 'Insomnia'

Help is around the corner sounds in 'Wasted'

God put a smile upon your face sounds in tv serie 'alias'.

The Scientist sounds in tv serie 'smallville'

Trouble sounds in tv serie 'roswell'

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