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this is quite funny


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I get a kick out of Chris not remembering lyrics that he wrote.... LOL! I remember them better than him???


But I sort of like when he loses his place and makes something random up or swears about it and has a laugh, it sort of adds to the "live"ness of the performance.

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:lol: Hee hee....


At the concert I went to, right in the middle of "Till Kingdom Come" Chris suddenly yelled Oh f*** and stopped playing. He apologised for it and said something like "If this had been American Idol we would have been voted off by now" then picked up a couple of lines back from where he stopped.


It was cute, anyway. He seems to have alot of trouble with that particular song for some reason...

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Haha. He forgot when to start in the beginning of Fix You at the Mountain View concert. He just kept playing the intro, then stopped.


"Sorry about that. I messed it up. You all get a 50 cent refund when we get out of here." Then he laughed and started again.

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