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West Palm Beach, FL @ Sound Advice


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OMG w00t! I just got back from the West Palm Beach, Florida show at Sound Advice - it was *so* incredible!


The set-list:

01 Square One

02 Politik

03 Yellow

04 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

05 Speed of Sound

06 Low

07 Everything's Not Lost

08 Amsterdam

09 White Shadows

10 The Scientist

11 'Til Kingdom Come (acoustic)

12 Ring of Fire (acoustic)

13 Don't Panic (acoustic)

14 Clocks

15 Talk


16 Swallowed in the Sea

17 In My Place

18 Fix You

(lotsa fireworks after!)


Random notes:

-Chris skipped a verse from the Scientist about a minute or so into it, and stopped and explained how he woke up in the morning with no voice and told Jonny how he couldn't sing and had to cancel the show. Then went on to say that the "west palmers" (lol) would be really dissapointed so they got this magic doctor and he fixed him up well. Then when he does the song again, he changes some lyrics to "Thanks to the doctor, wherever you areeee" (instead of "How lovely you are".)


-He spoke a little at one point about working with Timbaland - they recorded a song together when he was down here in Miami for the VMA's. I had no idea about this though.


-I think he did a little of Shania Twain's "Man I Feel Like a Woman" during God Put A Smile Upon Your Face? I"m not sure, none of my friends heard it, but I could've sworn!


Anyway, does anyone know what song that is they play at the end of the concert? It was Chris' voice but I had no idea what it was! AMAZING show! :D

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3 more pics and some videos from the show. These were taken by my friend out on the lawn.


Rilo Kiley - It's A Hit [5 secs]



Rilo Kiley - Does He Love You [12 secs]



Square One [1:13]



Yellow [44 secs]



Low [46 secs]



The Scientist [25 secs]


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