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OK Angie, I didnt know you were a nurse....thats quite worrying! :stunned: :lol:


Kara - ebay is great! As long as you always check the seller's feedback before bidding and they dont seem dodgy - beware, its pretty addictive! :lol:

I've bought quite a few Coldplay bits from there, mainly small bits, and i've never had any probs.

I'd love to get my hands on some rare stuff when i have more money.

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:lol: thankya! :kiss:


Im becoming a Starbucks coffee girl :lol: Oh the fun! :rolleyes:



Roll on Uni!!!


dude you got the best job...Starbucks!!!!! yay!! i wish you the best of luck!! :P :P :P


btw. did ya know starbucks sells trade safe coffee?? :wink3:

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He's Italian, right?


WHAT did I say about Guy looking Italian?! :lol: I think his real name is Guiano Berrimano and he just changed it because... his family disowned him when he ruined his... spaghetti...

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