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Houston Show - POSTPONED


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Just noticed Coldplay are playing Houston the same day as Motley Crue.


Here's news of their show from the Toyota Center venue:



Motley Crue

Saturday, September 24, 2005 8:00 PM


Due to Hurricane Rita and circumstances that are beyond control, the Motley Crue performance, scheduled for Saturday, September 24th at 8pm, has been officially postponed. Additional information on reschedule dates are to be determined.




they are due to play the C.W. Mitchell Pavilion on the 24th.....

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well seems they did postpone....




Coldplay axe gig due to hurricane


Coldplay are due to play in Texas as part of an extensive US tour

Concerts by British bands Coldplay and Oasis at an open air music venue in Texas have been postponed ahead of Hurricane Rita.


The venue is citing safety concerns as the reason for the postponements.


Meanwhile, organisers of the outdoor Austin City Limits festival, which both bands are due to play before a crowd of 65,000, say the event will go ahead.


Coldplay had been due to headline a show at the Houston venue on Saturday, with Oasis playing the following night.


A concert by US rock band Journey, scheduled for Friday, has also been postponed.


An announcement on venue's website said: "This action is taken in the best interest and safety of the fans, artists and staff in the face of Hurricane Rita."


Storm warning


The storm, which meteorologists say could be one of the most powerful seen on the US mainland, is heading towards Texas with winds of 165mph (265km/h).


President George Bush has declared a state of emergency in Texas and neighbouring Louisiana.


Coldplay and Oasis are among the headline acts for the three-day festival which begins in Austin on Friday, along with US acts like country stars Lyle Lovett and Lucinda Williams.


Bloc Party, Keane, Kasabian and Franz Ferdinand are among the other British acts booked to perform.

Oasis are due to tour the US until 3 October


A festival spokeswoman told the BBC news website that organisers were being advised by experts and were keeping "a very close watch on the weather".


"If weather conditions appear to present any kind of danger to fans, musicians or crew, we are prepared to make the necessary adjustments to maintain safety," she said.


"Until then, the festival is on, rain or shine."


One concert-goer, who has a three day pass to the festival, said: "The organisers have said they won't cancel, rain or shine.


"Sixty-five thousand people at a concert in a hurricane is going to be awesome."

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Texas Gigs


Meant for a laugh:


YeeUP. Had PIT tickets to Houston and a three-day pass to Austin City Limits. About 554 bucks invested in lost tickets costs and plane, etc., not recoverable. A sunk cost, to be an economist about it. Would have spent more. Kept 75% of the airline ticket value.


Had to cancel my vacation cause the plane routes through Houston to Austin.


I remember Hurricane Andrew and how the media actually blamed George Herbert Walker Bush for "it". (For those of you born since then, that was Gee Dubyah's dad, and it was in the early 90's before Bill Clinton....). But for a lark and taking that logic for a walk...


I can see why God may punish New Orleans (a sinful city) and the peoples of Louisiana for electing such corrupt leaders and so forth (of course, that would never happen in Massachusetts, would it, Ted K.?), but what did Houston ever do? Come to think, monarchies were better, because you could blame just a few folks...but with republics and democracies, why, you gotta look in the mirror and at your neighbor for the troubles your government (or the sky) rains down on you. Plus, with a monarchy, the rulers had incentives to improve and protect their preserve, while under popular rule, the guy's got 2 to 6 years to loot as much as he can from the taxpayer, then he's out (unless reelected, of course). I hope Merckel (Merckle? sp? the physicist from East Germany)gets into the chancellorship in Germany, by the way. :P


Just because George called Houston home...did this really have to happen? Does God only have time to note who The Leader is? Before He

meets out justice?


Why, NO! It was because I had gone to great exertion and cost to get there, and God is punishing ME. All the rest is just collateral damage.


Funny, I took a once-in-a-lifetime week's vacation to Manhatten back in 1985, stayed in a Park Avenue apartment, the works, all to see the Met Museum, and what happened? HURRICANE DAVID hit NEW YORK???? Never got to see it. (Did visit the World Trade Center, despite a debilitaing fear of heights.)




Heck, maybe I need to do a little soul-searching...


(This all is, by way of irony, tongue in cheek, about God using weather to punish people. If that's the case, the people of Islam need to repent, because of that tsunami. Or is it Buddhists? If that's how it works, wait 'til the sun goes nova in about 5 billion years, imagine what people will be saying THEN... ;) )


For those of you who may be offended, I apologise. No one will read this anyway.

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I STILL have my ticket


My Friends and I are still holding on to our tickets in hope of a change of date (rescheduling). I went back to the place where i purchased the tickets, and was told to hold on to them (as it is a sold-out show), because there's chance of rescheduling. The only thing is, no one seems to know when. I will wait it out until more news comes in. I waited SIX whole month for Saturday 24 (the day Coldplay was supposed to be here @ The Woodlands) and Hurricane Rita hit that day. What a punch in the mouth, ey?

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