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What should we call ourselves?


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I was just thinking, what should we call ourselves? Sure, we're all members of CFU, but what ARE we, really?


Should we call ourselves CFU-ians? :lol: Hmmm. Just opening this up to discussion, don't know if anyone else wants to throw out an idea.


You're probably thinking this is lame and pointless, and yeah. It probably is, but hey! You can DIE from boredom, yanno! I'm just trying to entertain my brain here. :lol: :P

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As long as we stick together, we shall overcome!


:huh: :lol:


I'm confusing myself :confused:


Well, how about this. What ARE we as CFU members? Who are we? What is our goal in life as a CFUian? To lovingly adore and worship Coldplay forever and ever amen?




:lol: C'mon people, I'm just tryin' to save my own butt and give this some substance :rolleyes: :lol:

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