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i want to share this....


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im really confused about verything thats going on..and how it seems that everyone its upset with the cfu right now.


i think cfu grow really fast..really fast!! maybe it was for that, that everyone was so excited about having a board etc. im including me, i didnt think about the consequences, and im really sorry about that . a cfu or a website its not a good option, i know that rachel its making a really good effort with this, that shows that she is a great person, but at the end the only think that we are doing with that its to make everything worst.

cfu is not meant to be take serious...NOT THAT SERIOUS, i think that cfu is something to make friends, share ideas, fellings etc but the most important about cfu ITS TO HAVE FUN, i think that everyone agree with this. i now that the "goals" were to have coldplay here bla bla bla. im not leaving that, i really want them to know COLDPLAYING.COM (not cfu) because i truly believe that this forum is unique in every way. but lets be honest, i dont think that they will be posting here etc. that really a dream.

i read somewhre that cfu was like a big opportunity to have a nice community, i agree with that. i think its really cool how the shirt thing its going because mybe in a gig you can meet someone. thats whats cool about it. it never cross my mind to leave this forum just to go to the cfu. never! and im truly sorry if i make you think that. at the beggining, when thought about the golas we thouhgt about COLDPLAYING meaning, everyone, not CFU thats what im amazed that we have our own "area" it makes us see as a closed group far away from coldplaying, and i never meant that. and im sure that mildred and everyone never meant that.


im really sorry if i make everyone angry, about the web/board thing leave it to me..



thanks :kiss:

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im there with you andrea. the reason we created this thread, that started as a crazy idea on the Berryman piccie thread, was just to create a community of even crazier fans of coldplay, maybe because we are young(14+) and perhaps stupid. we love this band to death and none of of are nowhere leaving this site, i was addicted to it right before i had the guts to sign in and become part of this wonderful community, unlike the board at the official site. this is actually a big community of people with the similar interest: coldplay. although some of us might like it more than others(some might say obssesed), regardless we are all a community, and despite the fact of web being created and all, none of us are leaving...at least im not. i love this board.


perhaps, it is i who should be blamed for this crazed chaos...i started the thread but i never intended it to become an overnight success, nay, a problem that would jeoparadize the peace and even our membership to this marvelous site. im aware of the time and effort ian as well as the mods spend on this website, and for that im thankful. without you this "club" would have never been possible, we would have never met and therefore we all would just be plain coldplay listeners that have no contact with other fans to like the band even more. i have reached the point to think that maybe this thread/section of coldplaying as well the said under contruction website might not be a good idea. i love it and it has made me even love the site even more, but if its going to bring caos as well as problems, if it is beneficial and ian as well as the mods think so , i would be willing to give up this wonderful experience of CFU if this thread/section is erased.


so please, if any complaints or misconceptions have been made regarding cfu, please drop them. as i have said, we are just a group of people that wanted to extend the coldplay section to an alternate and fictional fan club, with the sole purpose of talking and creating an ever closer community of Coldplay fans. all of the members are really close, i dont know if any one has noticed, but we are even on a first name basis...

if anyone has any quetions or comments on my post or this thread please feel free to add them or pm me.



mildred :D

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:thumbsup: It's the people like you girls that make me want to come on here, and that's what CFU is about! It shouldn't even be "About" anything. It's not like an elitist club or anything, I hope it doesn't get that feeling!! If it did I'd be upset and let down.


Just thought I should clear up whatever I might have said in the previous "thread" on this issue. It got locked before I got a chance to respond again. I just wanted to apologize if anything I said came out wrong/was taken in a bad way. Really! I meant absolutely nothing. I think the way things were being implied by the way that was brought up just confused me and gave me false implications.


Really, there should be no usage of the " :angry: " smiley here. Only :) s and :kiss: s LMFAO!!!!!

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i wanted to apologize to all my fellow CFU members about the other thread---since it was locked--i didnt have the chance to reply


i never meant no harm, no bad feelings, nothing for the other thread---all i wanted was answers because i had heard in other threads negative comments by some of the mods about CFU---and comments suggesting that ian was not happy too----i had couple threads deleted and didn't know why---and i kept looking and asking what the matter was--and no one would answer-------all i was looking for was for the truth and to know if the other CFU messageboard was a problem---cause if it was, we could have dismissed it, it was no big deal right?--------its just been a while now, that i felt the rejection---or, disaproval of the leaders of the board, and i know i wasnt the only one because i know couple other people who felt the same way too, so i wasnt alone


for all that---i apologize, and want to say that i wished no harm or nothing bad for our club, and didnt mean anything wrong against the leaders of the board either---i love them all, some i am closer to them than others---but my intentions were never anything bad---(obviously, liquidsky is CFU member too who i love--so didnt mean any harm)


you guys know that ever since CFU started---i have been a devoted member and have tried to contribute to it----but what i felt and what i had concern about in the other thread, was not only me, and i know many of you felt the disaproval too---i was just the one who went for it and asked what was going on


everything i said--i do not regret--i just wish i would have made my point, or my concerns clearer---and i feel totally sad and torned out about it because i was replied in a bad manner i thought---which maybe i deserved--but anyways--it doesnt matter anymore


again, i apologize for everything--and if someone's fault all this was, it was me--and for that i feel that i should just leave---maybe is my depression talking here---but i just like to express what i feel, even though sometimes i am insulted or yelled on by it (some members in the board are not too careful of their comments)


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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no one HATES the CFU.... I think Ian made it quite clear here..


I suggest you get your facts straight before associating me with things I did not say. I will also not tolerate anyone on this board making libellous accusations against any of the moderators either. For the record, I will only discuss my issues re the CFU board with it's creator, and I have made my views known.


I think you need to understand that Coldplaying.com fuels the full promotion for CFU, so without this usergroup you will begin to realise that CFU is dead in the water. I suggest you think long and hard before creating another one of these threads, because you are not only making a fool out of yourself, you are jeopardising the future of this fanclub for everyone else involved.


Continue as you are and I will not hesitate to remove this forum and all associated linkage to CFU



we don't hate you guys.. we are all one big happy family....... no one is better than anyone.. I think we should all just leave the problems that lie to be fixed between their respective parties.. and they know who they are..


*group hug*

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lilchick629, don't leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: Oh my gawd, please? I know that I felt the same as well and I don't condemn you at all for speaking your mind. No one should, even if they don't like what you have to say (and even IF it's wrong). I really don't want to tread up old (um... hour old? :lol: :huh: ) hurts... So I wont go there. But don't be upset or embaressed or hurt or angry (or whatever you're feeling at the moment) about it! I hate to see other people upset...


:kiss: I think that if any of us have a concern to do with anything on here, we should voice it.


:cry: No more :cry: smilies allowed! *bans them* :D :P

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first of all, I want to say hello... :) :P

and please Laura, don't leave us!!!We like you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kiss: :)

well, initialy cfu was just and ''idea'' and then the whole cfu thing became so huge in so little time!I think we were stuned about how fast cfu was growing...I was so excited about the idea!I'm sure that none of us wanted to cause trouble...i made a lot of nice friends in cfu that i'm sure i wanna keep being friends of them forever...coldplaying is such a nice place and here I feel so happy!I'm very grateful for everyone who made and keep this site, thank you a lot!and I'm sorry if we were to much obsessed...we just want everything going well :)

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