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both A Ghost Is Born and Wilco (The Album) are damn good.........but out of personal preference, I'd say A Ghost Is Born is better........there's just more subtlety and more to discover.....which I personally like about it....


Summerteeth is by far their best CD though...and Being There.

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We have just posted two shows for free download on Wilcoworld, all we ask that you do in return, is make a minimum donation of $15 to one of the organizations listed below.


OXFAM - http://www.oxfam.org/en/haitidonate

Doctors Without Borders - http://doctorswithoutborders.org


Both organizations ask that you donate to their Emergency Relief Funds which allows them to spend the money on situations such as Haiti, but, not expressly limited to Haiti.


The shows are:


07-13-09 - Keyspan Park - Brooklyn, NY

11-04-09 - HMV Forum - London, UK


In exchange for the free music, we ask that you make a minimum donation of $15 to one of the organizations listed above if you are able.


I just downloaded the Brooklyn one (and donated)

It's incredible. Seriously, go get it!

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